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JUST FOR KICKS: Nike Store Sends Fan Free Corks & Oreos

May 27, 2015 at 5:46 pm |

@NikeStore gets hundreds of angry tweets from followers who miss out on specific releases from the brand weekly, but for one Mobile, Alabama 23-year old his persistence and “luck” worked in his favor….kinda.

On May 20th, Charles Henderson tweeted to @NikeStore “How special you have to be to get gifts from Nike like shoes and stuff.” Today he received a box from Nike, assuming that his persistence in trying to get his hands on a pair of “Oreo” Flyknit Racers & Air Max 90 “Cork’s” had had paid off, only to open the box and find it filled with two packs of Oreo cookies, a wine cork, a note from Nike reading “Corks & Oreo’s? We got you” and a framed picture of his original tweet. Unsure if he was upset or humored by the joke, he took to twitter posting the pick tagging @NikeStoe, only to have them reply with “Got eem.”

HAAAAAAAAAAA! Touché Nike, Touché!

After angrily tweeting @NikeStore, one lucky guy gets send a pair of Oreo’s and Corks from Nike. Literally. Find what he did to get the sportswear company to send him free treats.

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