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Ja Rule Turned Down Ludacris’ ‘Fast And Furious’ Role

Apr 6, 2015 at 1:54 pm |

ludacris ja rule fast and furious

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Starring in the Fast and Furious series was one of the many highlights of Ludacris’ career. According to director John Singleton, Luda’s role in the franchise’s second film was initially offered to Ja Rule.

Ja got too big for himself.He turned it down. He turned down a half a million dollars. He wouldnt return calls. I went to the studio to go see himthats just my mantra, I deal with a lot of music people. He was kinda playing me to the side and I was like, What?

Ja Rule starred in the first movie and earned a $15K check for his cameo. Luda took over and the rest is history…

Ja Rule was John Singleton’s first choice for Ludacris’ role in ‘The Fast & The Furious’ film franchise. At first, Ja ignored the director’s phone calls and then belittled the $500K offer when Singleton met him in person. The role was offered to Luda and the rest is history…

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