Here’s Why Beyonce Allegedly Lying About Her Age Is A Big Deal

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Beyonce bootylicious video

Source: YouTube

If what he says is definitely true, then that is a pretty big deal, considering how much age has been a factor in a few things she has done in her career. No, it doesn’t detriment it. In fact, her being possibly two years older is actually a great thing, as it was more scandalous for her to be younger at the times she was in certain situations.

For instance, by her age to the public online, Beyonce was around 19 when her and her Destiny’s Child sisters did the “Bootylicious” video. The visuals were very skin-revealing and raunchy considering the dance moves, but from her father’s logic, that would actually make her 21 years old at the time. It’s not so scandalous after all. That also would technically make her 24 years old when she starred in the infamous “Crazy In Love” video, where she did her signature “Uh-oh” dance, as the video was released in 2003.

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