Happy Birthday: Big Pun Would Have Been 44 Years Old Today

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Big Pun

Source: Instagram @OnlyHipHopFacts

It’s been 15 years since Big Pun’s saddening death, and the hip hop community is still feeling his loss every day. The iconic rapper passed away on February 7, 2000, but he is still celebrated by the music industry as often as possible, especially today, as it is his birthday. Pun would have been turning 44 years old today if he were still alive, but his legacy is very much still going strong through his peers, rap fans, and artists who were influenced by him.

The MC started out his career by writing raps in the 80’s before joining together with the group,¬†Full A Clips,¬†where he went under the alias of Big Moon Dawg. While recordings from the group were never released in the 90’s, he soon became a solo artists as Big Punisher, collaborating with Bronx rapper Fat Joe in 1995 on his second album. This would lead to him releasing the original version of “I’m Not A Player,” which was an underground hit.

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