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Yung Joc’s New Do Might Be Hip Hop’s Smartest Business Move

Aug 29, 2016 at 11:13 pm |

Dew the 'Do

When Yung Joc rapped “boys in the hood call me black Donald Trump” in his 2006 hit “It’s Goin’ Down,” no one could have imagined the politically brutish ogre that the Trump would become. It was just a straightforward reference to Joc’s financial success and business savvy: In 2006, he was ranked 20 on Forbes “Richest Rapper” list after making $10 million in a year.

Well, now the innocent real estate tycoon called Trump has swollen in self importance to the point that his notorious coif has smashed into the limelight. Yet, that hairdo has hovered above his pate for so long that it makes you wonder if it might actually be a brain-eating alien amoeba. Perhaps that’s behind the mogul’s terrifying turn to political domination?

On the other hand, Yung Joc has no doubt faced ups and downs along his career. But he has continually adapted to the ever changing landscape of hip hop, including, his most recent evolution: the hairdo heard around the world. His new coif is getting a LOT of attention.

 Yung Joc performing live Champaign, Illinois

Credit: Sam Wilson / WENN

Yung Joc catches flack for his new look, but what’s really behind the ‘do?

He knew you were going to talk about it...
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