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This ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Just Revealed She Regrets Her Rear Implants

Sep 19, 2016 at 4:36 pm |

Baby's got a lil' too much back.

We’re living in a time when money can buy you beauty. Don’t like the way your face looks? Get a new one. Hate the size of your small boobs? Get implants. Booty on flat-flat? Plump it up a bit! The latter is pretty much the newest trend these days. From Brazilian butt lifts and fat transfers to actual butt implants, women are traveling near and far to achieve what they deem to be the perfect backside. But it’s also what women regret the most. A while back, singer K. Michelle admitted that she regretted getting her butt done and was in the process of downsizing. Now, one of her fellow Love & Hip-Hop stars is following in her sorrowful footsteps.


Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images

She was over getting so much attention from her humongous bum and did something about it.

Find out who doesn't like the attention she gets from her humongous bum!
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