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The Thirst Is Real: 8 Times Rihanna was Fiending for LeBron James

Jun 22, 2016 at 5:37 pm |


We knew that Rihanna was infatuated with the basketball prowess of LeBron James, but we never knew it was to this level. Riri can definitely have any guy that she wants, but she might have the hots for LeBron. Her Instagram on June 19 demonstrated her full-fledged allegiance to King James when he shattered Steph Curry’s life by beating himĀ in the NBA Finals. In a series of photos, she obliterated what was left of the 2-time MVP. Is Riri simply a fan admiring another’s talent, or is there something more to her fandom with LeBron?

lebron james rihanna

Credit: Andy Lyons / Getty Images & Instagram @badgirlriri

Is someone crushing on King James?

Rihanna's fandom is real.
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