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MTV Crushes Us: ‘Pimp My Ride’ Was Mostly Bogus

Sep 30, 2016 at 5:41 pm |

MTV lied to us like they were... well, a pimp. And we strapped the heels on no questions.

Prepare to lose even more trust in the entertainment industry, especially reality television. MTV’s show Pimp My Ride from the early 2000s turns out to be completely fake. From the fan’s auditions, to Xhibit showing up at your house, to the features of the car: it was all staged and completely cosmetic.

We’ll show you exactly what was fake, how it was faked and who was duped by the “reality” show. MTV followed the pimp manual step by step to run game on us all and make us believe the lie. MTV was Don Draper and we were all his naive wife sitting at home saying, “There’s no way MTV is cheating on us.” Well, it’s sad to say, but MTV laid the pimp hand down quite flat, and we all bit because we wanted to believe that dreams do come true.


One contestant’s car even caught fire after a champagne dispenser malfunctioned 5 years after it was ‘Pimped.’

How could we not tell that 'Pimp My Ride' was a total sham?
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