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Kevin Hart Is About to Get Revenge on the Person Who Robbed Him

Jun 23, 2016 at 3:42 pm |

Bring it on.

Kevin Hart loves to make people laugh, but the comedian wasn’t exactly laughing this month after his house was robbed. The A-list actor recently suffered a major loss at his home when around $500,000 worth of items were stolen from his house while him and his family were not home. Reports say that his back door was pried open, which is how the culprit was able to gain access. Now, Kevin is seeking revenge on the person that robbed him, and he’s depending on the power of social media.

kevin hart leather

Source: Instagram @kevinhart4real

This culprit is about to regret ever stepping foot in the comedian’s house…

Find out what Kevin Hart just did to his burglar.
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