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K. Michelle Puts on for Memphis Better Than Your Favorite Rappers

Aug 10, 2016 at 4:46 pm |

When will your fave ever?

K. Michelle represents hard for women in music, and even harder for authenticity within it, but she goes the hardest for her home city. TheĀ More Issues Than Vogue singer loves to put her city, Memphis, on the map in everything she does, whether it’s with a lyric or a full tribute track. There have been a few times that K. made sure that Memphis got some extra love, and we decided to prove why she goes harder for her city than your favorite rappers.

Source: Instagram @kmichellemusic

Source: Instagram @kmichellemusic

She puts on for her city so hard that Jeezy would be proud.

See all the ways K. Michelle puts on for Memphis
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