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Here’s Why Meek Mill Might Be Ready for the Comeback of a Lifetime

Aug 16, 2016 at 5:56 pm |

Is it really time?

Meek Mill has been off of the musical map for almost a year now, and he has slowly been making his way back into the spotlight. The Philly rapper is still preparing to release his highly-anticipated DC4 mixtape, but fans have yet to get an update. Meek recently did one of the first interviews in months, and revealed a lot of his thoughts that assure us he is ready for his comeback. He may be ready, but are you ready to handle it?

Meek Mill

Credit: Instagram @meekmill

After everything that he’s been through in this last year, Meek Mill has a lot of reasons why he’s ready for his epic comeback.

See why Meek is ready for a comeback
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