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Where Are They Now: Harlem World

Oct 26, 2016 at 5:25 pm |

Where did Harlem World go?

March 9, 1999, was an important day for Harlem World: It was the day the 6-person rap group dropped their now legendary album The Movement which quickly climbed to the 11th spot on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. In one month, it went gold. It seemed like they could do anything they wanted to in the rap world after that, but they just broke up within a few months. Most of the members never regained their popularity they had with Harlem World. We’ll never know what led them to break up, but here’s what they’ve been up to since The Movement.

harlem world i like it

Source: YouTube @Brian Kushner

Mase tried to start up this supergroup, and their only album went gold when it dropped. They dropped out right after that, and we’ve caught up to the members.

Baby Stase, Blinky Blink, and Huddy. Where did they go?
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