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The Dirty Secret Behind Frank Ocean’s Double Release

Sep 9, 2016 at 5:28 pm |

'Blonde' now streaming on Spotify

Who wasn’t annoyed with Frank Ocean three weeks ago? He had delayed his new album time and time again. Everyone loved Channel Orange, but we wanted more, and he was making us wait. He was silent on Facebook, hadn’t tweeted since June 2013 and hadn’t been on Instagram in 236 weeks. What once was enigmatic became irritating.

Then, in a single thunderclap, he dropped not one, but two albums, and everyone was like, “We loved you all along and I’m going to scrub all those terrible things I said about you off my wall, ground and ceiling.” Two albums: Endless and Blonde. The former, a streaming album from Def Jam, the latter, a few days later, to download exclusive from Apple Music. Now, three weeks later, Blonde is on Spotify, and everyone is just wondering what sort of genius businessman Frank Ocean is.

Frank Ocean at the beach

Source: Instagram @oceanfrank

Frank might be a genius musician, but his business moves are really unbelievable.

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