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Father and Philanthropist: The Softer Side Of Jeezy

Jun 28, 2016 at 11:27 am |

The sweet Snowman.

Most of us know of Jeezy as one of our favorite trap music rappers from Atlanta, but outside of his rhymes about moving weight and giving us that gospel, he has a softer side to him. Not only is the Snowman a father to an older son, and now a beautiful little daughter, Jeezy is also a huge philanthropist that’s always looking for the next best way to help the people. From making kids’ dreams come true, to donating when he can, Jeezy is doing much more for our community, and his own children, than we might think.

Jeezy attends Trey Songz's Birthday And Host Evening Benefitting

Credit: Moses Robinson/Getty Images

He’s much more than the Snowman outside of his rhymes…

Check out the softer side of Jeezy
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