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Every Time K. Michelle Kept It Realer Than Anyone In Her Music…

Aug 19, 2016 at 4:08 pm |

Keep it 100, K.

K. Michelle knows how to face any situation that may be thrown her way, and always keeps her head high. The R&B songstress gives fans life with her impeccable songwriting abilities, and even more powerful voice, but she has more courage than most when it comes to her music. K. is known for writing and performing songs that say the things we all think, but are too scared to say. We decided to round up some of the realest things she’s said in her music, so you can get on board with her authenticity.

k. michelle concert

Source: Instagram @kmichellemusic

You can’t be mad at her for saying what we all think!

See how K. Michelle keeps it realer than the rest.
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