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Coco’s Jaw Dropping Curves Just Keep on Getting Better

Aug 18, 2016 at 6:11 pm |

She's still CocoLicious!

After having a baby, it usually takes a good minute before the average woman snaps back into shape. Notice I said average. Well, Coco is not your average woman. Within weeks of having baby Chanel, Coco’s body snapped back with the quickness. She’s always had a banging body, but now? It’s like that baby weight fell into all of the right places. It’s kind of hard to tell which pictures are before pregnancy and after pregnancy shots of Coco. Her body was amazing then and is even more amazing now. See for yourself!

Coco Austin holding baby selfie

Source: Instagram @coco

Her body was amazing before the pregnancy, and it’s even more amazing now.

Check out Coco's sexy curves before and after her baby
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