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Azealia Banks Defends Her Decision to Whiten Her Skin Amidst Fan Outrage

Jul 6, 2016 at 2:55 pm |

We're not sure how to feel about this.

Azealia Banks knows how to stir up controversy very easily, and her latest social media move proves that even more. The Harlem native is always going head-to-head with fans, critics, and sometimes other celebrities, but it looks like she is battling something within herself now. Azealia caught fans off guard this month when she revealed photos of her with a much lighter skin tone. It turns out that the rapper has been bleaching her skin, and fans aren’t happy about it.

azealia banks skin bleaching

Source: Instagram @azealiabanks

As if Azealia wasn’t controversial enough, she goes and does THIS…

Hear what Azealia Banks has to say about her skin-bleaching.
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