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7 of the Best Rappers Turned Actors

Oct 17, 2016 at 5:05 pm |

These rappers can't be held by music alone

Rappers have had side hustles since the beginning of the game. Biggie was a classic, pushing to support his music career. Some more contemporary rappers have gotten even more creative: The Game got into some dancing, Rick Ross has his Wing Stop side project, Andre 3000, always respected for his style, created his own clothing line before Kanye got near the pop-up game.

But rapping and acting have a history. Talented lyricists, in touch with their emotions, the scene, and expressing themselves, often segue into acting work. Childish Gambino is twisting heads off with Atlanta as 50 is laying it down Power. And a ton of other out-of-control hip hoppers are changing the acting game, so here’s a list of some of the greatest and up-and-coming rapper turned actors and visa versa.

glover atlanta

Credit: FX

50 is killing it with ‘Power,’ just as his mentor Eminem changed the game with ‘8 Mile.’ But do you know about these up-and-coming rappers breaking into the acting game?

Rappers turned actors you need to know
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