Future, Jay Z, and Many More Rappers Came Together for a Historic Squad Photo

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This past weekend, hip hop royalty came together on the East Coast, as lots of events went down throughout New York City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Following Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert, as well as Beyonce’s Formation tour stop on Sunday, tons of rappers stayed in town. And it looks like majority of them got together for an epic day on a private set. Jay Z and Future are preparing to release their brand new song together, “I Got The Keys” that will be on DJ Khaled’s upcoming album, and they invited tons of big names out to appear in a music video. From Pusha T to A$AP Ferg, you won’t believe who was involved in one of the most epic squad photos that hip hop has seen in a long time. We decided to dive into the photo and see how everyone is connected to each other.


squad pic

Source: Instagram @theshootrr

Check out the rappers that were on set of Khaled, Future, and Jay’s music video.