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French Government Bans Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio’s Love

Jan 26, 2016 at 5:20 pm |

Rihanna W/Leonardo Dicaprio

Source: Twitter / @Missinfo

Technically speaking you could kiss anyone you want, whenever you want right? Well, if you’re a sly dog like Leonardo DiCaprio, chances are that cameras are going to be purveying your every move. So, if you’re an A-lister on the verge of nabbing your first Oscar with a Bajan bombshell, you’re probably going to want some privacy right?

Well, according to Independent, Leonardo DiCaprio used French privacy laws to prevent the publishing of photos of him kissing Rihanna at a Paris nightclub. A photo agency offered the pictures to several British publications, but the power of Leo stymied their chances.

The love is real, y’all.

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