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Find Out Why Petey Pablo Was On Empire

Oct 2, 2015 at 3:41 pm |

petey pablo empire

Source: Empire Season 2/Fox

Hip-hop hasn’t heard from Petey Pablo in about a decade. When the North Carolina native raised up in Season Two of Empire, it’s safe to say we were all surprised. With a plethora of today’s poppin’ rappers who would have most likely accepted the call, it’s strange to see why the show’s writers would cast an artist who hasn’t been relevant for a while.

It turns out Petey Pablo loaned Empire star Terrance Howard $200 one time when he left his wallet on the set of his 2005 movie Hustle & Flow. In return, the actor payed the favor back by inviting him not only to appear on the show, but to help co-write music for his Lucious Lyon character. According to ABC News, rumor has it the gig earned Petey Pablo close to $15,000. Wow, talk about a great return on a $200 loan.

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Lend Terrance Howard $200 and he’ll pay you back WAAAAAAY more…..

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