Fetty Wap Changes Disabled Kid’s Life

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Source: Instagram @fettywap1738

Fetty Wap’s eye is as memorable as each of his chart-topping Billboard hits. While the NJ native definitely has an ear for catchy hooks and melodies, his unique look has definitely helped his legend in the making grow. Before Fetty Wap popped off, a prosthetic eye was almost invisible in mainstream idea and one can even argue that the rapper/singer made the disability cool in a sense.

One of Fetty Wap’s young fans seems to agree with the artist’s image looking cool. Meet Jayden, a kid who like the Remy Boy, suffered an injury that forced him to wear a prosthetic eye growing up. After being inspired by Fetty Wap, the tiny hip-hop fan has decided to live life without his prosthetic eye.

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