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Erick Sermon: Hip-Hop Won’t Accept Transgender People

Apr 29, 2015 at 3:04 pm |

In light of Bruce Jenner’s sex change, Erick Sermon discussed the chance of a transgender presence in hip-hop. The EPMD legend chopped it up with TMZ in regards to if there’s a place for transgenders in hip-hop culture. Check what he had to say below, including a shot at some of today’s rappers.

“You know what, the way the world is going you’ll never know because there’s some rappers that are close to that. I ain’t mentioning no names. That’s just taking the culture too far.”

In light of Bruce Jenner’s publicized sex change, EPMD legend Erick Sermon says a transgender in hip-hop would be “taking the culture too far.” Do you agree with him? Or is hip-hop culture too homophobic?

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