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Eminem Pays A Home Visit to a Terminally Ill Fan

Jan 12, 2015 at 5:15 pm |

Mission accomplished God Bless this beautiful kid and thank you guys for all your hard work…

A photo posted by Nickle (@royceda59) on

Eminem paid a visit to one of his ailing fans. The 17-year-old man who’s name is Gage Garmo is dying from bone cancer and was given one week to live. Gage’s last wish was to meet his favorite rapper who happens to be Eminem. So, Eminem granted Gage his wish and visited the young man’s home in Michigan on Sunday. Fellow Detroit rapper, Royce Da 5’9′ posted the image above on his Instagram page after the meeting, thanking fans for their support. Way to go Eminem! It’s these types of small things that make a huge difference in hip-hop and in life.

Eminem went to the home of one of his fans in Michigan who is terminally ill.

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