Drunk in Love: Are Drugs Fueling BlacRob’s Relationship?

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Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna

Source: Twitter @people

In the eyes of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, their relationship is off to an auspicious start. Apparently, they really dig each other as both haven’t had any problem boasting about their new found love on Instagram. While, a lot of people are still trying to grasp their love in full context, a new page in their relationship has made this whole story a bit more interesting.

Over the weekend, Blac Chyna was arrested for public intoxication and drug possession in Austin, Texas. When the cops did a search on her, they found two ecstasy pills. In addition, they described her behavior at the Austin airport as  “unpredictable” and “angry.” Then, it was reported that Rob came to her rescue and drove over 20 hours to bring her back home. With the Kardashians already against the relationship to begin with, you have to wonder if Chyna’s drug usage will derail her love with Rob.

Or rather than derail continue to be the driving force in this newly-developed relationship?