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Drake’s “Charged Up” Disses Meek Mill

Jul 27, 2015 at 3:51 pm |


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In the chain of last week’s event Meek went on to what some called “a rant” exposing the OVO captain “Drake” for not writing his own lyrics. Meek went on to express that he was just keeping it real, and that his Twitter wasn’t hacked (unlike other artists), and that it was he who wrote (and stood by) his thoughts.

We all know Drake and his reaction towards what others have said about him and gets addressed within typical Aubrey fashion. Over the weekend, Drake released a record called “Charged Up” that ‘charged up’ on ┬áMeek, Nikki, Funk Flex and some even say JAY-Z. Take a listen below!

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I guess it’s safe to say Meek has the attention of Drake and he’s getting charged up.

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