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Drake Might Be Facing A $15M Lawsuit

Mar 17, 2015 at 1:24 pm |

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Drake’s Homecoming is one a day film event that features lost footage from the MC’s first major show in Toronto in the midst of his rise to fame in 2009. Drizzy took to Twitter earlier this week and today to voice his disapproval of the movie.

It looks like the producers of Drake’s Homecoming are considering suing Drake, saying he signed off on the movie in 2009 in addition to a $15K advance and a 15% share of profits. They talk about possibly filing a $15M lawsuit with the LA Times, claiming it comes down to “it’s an issue of someone not honoring a contractual commitment to another person.

The ‘Homecoming’ film producers are considering suing Drake for $15M for defaming the movie and not upholding a contract he signed in 2009.

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