Drake & LeBron James: A Career Comparison

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Drake at New Look Wireless Festivall

Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Drake is undoubtedly the leader of the new generation of rap artists. Despite having a catalog that every millennial hip hop fan can rap verbatim and a record-setting amount of chart-topping Billboard hits, Drizzy still doesn’t get the credit he’s due. Listen to the radio, and it’s hard to not hear the rapper’s lo-pass sonic influence.

He’s soft, he’s Canadian, he’s corny, Drake has heard all the criticism from haters. In the midst of all of the trolling, many seem to sleep on his accomplishments and flat out dominance in rap. Scoping the professional sports industry, it’s easy to find a counterpart to compare career-wise to Drake.

Drake and LeBron James have more in common than you think. Find out more below.