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Drake Ain’t Got No Love For New York???

Jun 25, 2015 at 4:21 pm |

[youtube clipid=”VqIdFWZyYXQ” autoplay=”0″]

In part 1 of Drizzy Drake’s Obey Your Thirst Sprite documentary Drake opens up about the city that made him great and the spirit of the competition that motivates him to keep pushing forward.

In addition to talking about the city that made him great Drake also said that New York is irrelevant to music industry success, saying that aspiring artists no longer have to venture to the Big Apple to be successful and make it big, it’s all about the music.

We don’t think Drake is too far off topic with this, especially since artists like Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean were able to break else where other than New York. What are your thoughts?

Drizzy Drake had a few things to say about New York in new documentary. Do you agree with what he had to say?

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