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Did Meek Mill’s Sister Just Diss Drake?

Jul 31, 2015 at 3:42 pm |

meek mill sister

Getty Images/YouTube

Meek Mill’s diss track “Wanna Know” hasn’t been well received thus far in hip hop. With a week to prepare, many expected the MMG native to come harder, and many were let down.

It looks like someone has released a new diss track in defense of Meek Mill. A female Philly native, who claims to be Rahmeek Williams’ sister, put out a freestyle attacking Drake. We’re not sure if this is the Philly rapper’s real sister, but this video is still entertaining.

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[youtube clipid=”SiMwcHdZTaQ” autoplay=”0″]

We’re not sure if this is Meek Mill’s sister or not, but this Drake diss track is better than “Wanna Know”….

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