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David Brown’s “Straight Out Of Cashville” Released 11 Years Ago Today

Aug 24, 2015 at 4:40 pm |

Young Buck "Lean and Molly" video

Today in hip-hop history David Brown, aka Young Buck, released his freshman LP Straight Out Of Cashville released under Gunit/Interscope records. Back then, Gunit, as a label, was on fire — regardless of what it released if it had the Gunit print, it would immediately sell.

Young Buck surprised the world with his wordplay and catchy hooks as he proved that he was much bigger then an artist with a few hot mixtape records but what was what you call, a real recording artist with a strong fanbase.

I feel attention when I walk in the club/G-Unit to the socks, bitches all on a thug/Gimme a Henny on the rocks, and a bottle of bub/I don’t need security, this for .4 Nickel enough.

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