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Dame Dash Talks About When Jay Z & Big L Battled In Harlem

Mar 13, 2015 at 11:48 am |

[youtube clipid=”KO0M9M83Bx0″ autoplay=”0″]

Dame Dash was a guest on The Breakfast Club and dropped gems on business, investing, guy code, gossip, and his movie career. At first, there was awkward tension between the mogul and the morning crew over questions about Jay Z and handling grown man business. In addition, he recollects a story of when Jay Z battled Big L in Harlem in the early 1990s. Watch the full interview above.

[youtube clipid=”gY2h6uu16Bs” autoplay=”0″]

Dame Dash talks about a time Jay Z and Big L freestyle battled in Harlem and said it was a close tie, considering Hov wasn’t booed in L’s hometown. Who do you think really won the battle?

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