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Classic Hip Hop Ads: FUBU

Jul 6, 2015 at 4:26 pm |

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Back in the mid-late 90s there were a ton of urban brands from Mecca, Dada, Ecko, Enyce and more that flooded the marketplace, but of them one reigned supreme, not because of its designs and collections but because of the message and what it really stood for.

FUBU was a clothing line founded by Daymond John that proudly reflected itss rap and hip hop roots. Since its inception way back in ’89, FUBU has become an international brand grossing over $350 M in sales at its peak. In using Queens bred rapper, LL Cool J, as the face, FUBU opened the doors other popular urban fashion lines like, JAY Z’s Rocawear, Diddy’s Sean John and Russell Simmons Phat Farm.

Sadly, despite what it stood for in both culture and fashion, FUBU is no longer around and the only way you can cop a little bit of history is probably from eBay.

Check out this throwback commercial from ’98 featuring LL Cool J and SHARE with your friends to see if they remember this.

[youtube clipid=”XHbxx6WOq40″ autoplay=”0″]

Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce with us about the swaggier days of urban Fashion as we highlight FUBU, the brand made for us, by us and more here.

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