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Chris Brown and Royalty’s Tour Bus Rules

Jun 17, 2015 at 5:50 pm |

Chris Brown has a reputation of mistreating women, but there’s one female who he isn’t looking to cause any pain. If you had questions about if Breezy was mature enough to be a good father, this news should set misconception to rest.

After picking up his daughter in Houston for a 10 hour road trip to El Paso, the new father laid down a strict set of rules for his homies on his tour bus. According to TMZ, the new guidelines include: NO cursing, NO smoking, NO drinking, & NO groupies.

The crooner also plays Disney movies on marathon repeat and says everyone’s sleeping schedule must revolve around Royalty’s. Shout out to Chris Brown for working towards being a solid dad.

You won’t believe the strict rules Chris Brown is heavily enforcing while his daughter Royalty is on his tour bus….

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