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Chris Brown and French Montana Get Punk’d by 9-year-old on BET

Aug 12, 2015 at 2:33 pm |

Chris Brown Punk'd video screenshot

Everyone’s favorite practical joke show, Punk’d is coming back to television. BET has picked up the show and will start airing new episodes next week on August 18th. Initially, BET fooled people into thinking that their adult show Uncut was returning to the network, but today they announced that they were actually fooling fans to promote the return of Punk’d.

For its inaugural episode, the Punk’d crew will be punking singer Chris Brown and rapper French Montana. The first episode will be set in a studio where a nine-year-old girl will go up to Chris Brown claiming to be a fan. Then she’ll tell CB that she was left in the studio by her parents causing Chris brown and French Montana to get hysterical. Watch a clip from the new episode below.

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Chris Brown and French Montana…you just got Punk’d!!

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