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Childish Gambino Says” Rap Is Done!”, Considers Himself A Leader For “New Black” Movement

Sep 10, 2014 at 11:52 am |

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Childish Gambino sat with Peter Rosenberg of Hot97 for an interview to discuss a few things including his new album Because The Internet. Childish Gambino touched on the reason he says his album is not a rap album but in fact a pop album. Gambino, who states he does not consider himself a rapper explains his point of view on where Rap and Hip Hop culture is headed, claiming †”Rap is done”.

Here’s what Childish Gambino had to say:

ďItís a pop album essentially.†We never wanted to make a rap album. Iíve talked about this before. Rap is done. Rap is done. I love Hip Hop. I love rap, but the thing it was supposed to do it doesnít do anymore. Like I love it as a music. Itís the same thing as like Jazz. Jazz when it was doing what it was supposed to do. And people still listen to Jazz now, but it doesnít haveóItís not doing the social work itís supposed to do anymore,and †thatís not because itís gotten badÖItís just a different movement. Whatever movement is happening nowóLike I would like to think Iím a leader of whatever movement is happening. People call it Ďnew black.í People call it whatever, but I donít want to name it cause itís bs to name it. As soon as it gets named thatís when you start marketing it. And itís like ĎAh, this is hipster.í Cause hipster was cool until it became hipster…And then it became monetized. Same thing with Hip Hop. So, whatever this thing is. Whateverís happening. Like whenever Jaden Smith tells me heís like ĎIím real excited for whateverís happening.í He can feel it. I can feel it.Ē

Childish Gambino has been very vocal about the influence Hip Hop culture has on our community and made efforts last month to shed some light on this topic by writing a controversial poem in which Gambino states “I wish I was a white rapper”. †This poem, Gambino says is really a poem about freedom.

ďThat poem was about freedom. It really was. It was about freedom. Thatís what I wrote and IóPeople were upset. But yeah, good. A poem should make you [upset]. Like when was the last time someone wrote a poem that made you feel bad like crazy? That was heart. Thatís how I felt in the momentÖI just wanted to write aboutóI wanted to show how freedom is something thatís so great when you feel it. Like I felt it. I feel it on stageÖI donít hardly remember when Iím on stage most of the time. Cause itís like freedom.Ē

Check out the video below:

[youtube clipid=”AjAraMq2y0s” autoplay=”0″]


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Childish Gambino sat with Peter Rosenberg of Hot97 for an interview to discuss a few things including his new album “Because The Internet”.

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