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Champions: 50 Cent Has A New Song With Eminem

Feb 27, 2015 at 11:33 am |

[youtube clipid=”CXcZGFsdYbQ” autoplay=”0″]

50 Cent discussed a new collaboration with Eminem called “Champions” on his new solo album with MTV. From his explanation of the track, it sounds like the song will be really empowering and inspiring. Fifty’s new album will supposedly drop in the summer, around the same time we might get a G-Unit reality tv show. Until then, we’ll be “Patiently Waiting” for “Champions.”

[The song] sounds like one of those hit records youve heard from Eminem in the past [with] an R&B singer on the chorus, he tells MTV. And its one of those songs that he wrote his portion of the song before I got there.

We’re “Patiently Waiting” for 50 Cent’s new collaboration with Eminem entitled “Champions.”

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