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Cerebral Assassin: Kobe’s 6 Gutsiest Moments

Apr 7, 2016 at 4:49 pm |

In one week, Kobe Bryant’s illustrious 20-year-career will be over. We’ve watched a man relentlessly grapple with the likes of Jordan, LeBron, Shaq, and more over a span of two decades. Kobe’s competitive fervor never changed. His stone-cold demeanor always was amplified during the final stretches of games. There was always a switch. He would morph into a full-fledge sniper and gun his adversaries down with no regard. For that, we loved Kobe. With just a few more games left in his career, we decided to pay homage to the Black Mamba.

Los Angeles Lakers v Washington Wizards

Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Check Out Kobe’s Gutsiest Moments Ever!

Who was as cold-blooded as Kobe? He was a pure killer.

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