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Celebrity Deathmatch Returns

Apr 14, 2015 at 5:19 pm |

A photo posted by Alex Williams (@justvagete) on

Classic and memorable MTV animated-claymation show, Celebrity Deathmatch is back! Since it original debut back in 1998, we’ve seen “fights” from Michael Jordan & Dennis Rodman, Diddy & Trent Reznor and Ice Cube & Ice-T, just to name a few. The new version will air on MTV2 and again feature animated no-holds-barred fantasy fights between infamous figures in entertainment and will be reimagined for a social media and real life beef! Where curious to see who the show makes hash it out in the ring first.

MTV2 brings back popular claymation show, Celebrity Deathmatch. Find out who the show plans to throw in the ring first.

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