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Cassie Bare’s It All For Puff’s New Fragrance Ad

May 4, 2015 at 1:24 pm |

Following the success of Puff‘s highly successful fragrances, Unforgivable and I am King, He’s back at it with a new Fragrance, 3:AM! 3:AM is suppose to embody all that happens and takes place after hours…yea we’ll let your imagination run wild with that. Like the concept of the fragrance the ad, which features his long-time girlfriend Cassie, is super sexual showing a topless Cassie with Puff after hours.

The fragrance will be debut at all Macy’s at Hearld Square in NYC on May 6. Will you be copping?

Cassie bares it all in the new ad for Puff’s new fragrance ‘3: AM’ in an intense, hyper-sexualized video. Check it out.

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