Can Trap Music Save Nas’ Career?

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Fans are desperately awaiting a Nas album in the near future, and while we were promised one this last year, it seemed to have fallen through in the plans. The project is still reportedly set to be on its way, whether it’s the second volume of Nas’ infamousĀ Lost Tapes, or something a bit more recent, but either way, fans are ready. Over the weekend, Nas made headlines when his remix to Future’s “March Madness” track was premiered, and the world seemed to have stopped with how much fire he spit on it. After the remix got so much positive traction, the topic came up as to whether Nas should be going into the direction of trap music for his beat selections, or should he stick to that old school New York sound we know and love.


Nas performs at The Fox Theater on October 19, 2014 in Oakland, California

Credit: Kimberly White/Getty Images

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