Ball So Hard: Top-12 NBA Players This Season RANKED

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After watching Steph Curry hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy over his shoulders last season, LeBron James was forced to watch in dismay. Despite his team being marred by injuries, LBJ provided a herculean performance. Still, many ponder if LBJ has enough in the tank to be considered the best in the NBA. With this season looming, many players including Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, and James Harden are vying for that proverbial “best player in the league” stamp.


Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day

Credit: Jason Miller/Getty Images

Is the perennial MVP and behemoth of the NBA (that is Lebron James) still the best player on the planet? We breakdown our top-12 players for this upcoming season and tell you who deserves that coveted title.

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