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Bae or Nah?: Hypebeast Introduces New Dating App HYPEBAE

Apr 1, 2015 at 3:07 pm |

Lifestyle website Hypebeast has decided to venture into the world of online dating, with the advent of ” target=”_blank”>HYPEBAE. Similar to the dating app Tinder, Hypebae users will be presented with images of prospective baes nearby, men or woman depending on your preference, to which one will simply chose BAE or NAY. HYPEBAE will be formatted for iPhones and Androids and will be available for download on April 20th.

Can you rock with finding ” target=”_blank”>wifey or your man on an app or do you more old fashion? Sound off!

Hypebeast introduces new online dating app, HYPEBAE. Will you be looking for Bae on this new app?

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