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Baby Got Whack!

Jun 10, 2014 at 7:31 am |

Photo Credit: Seattle Symphony

Well, this was hard to watch.

[youtube clipid=”w59e20ijOpE” autoplay=”0″]

90’s Rapper, Sir Mix a Lot and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra  performed the cult classic ‘Baby Got Back’ together, and it was as awful as it sounds.

The collaboration was part of the Symphony’s Sonic Evolution event, which celebrated the city’s rich musical legacy with various symphonic compositions. The 50 year old Seattle native along with his pointless hype man invited a bus load of soccer moms onto the stage. The song that inspired a billion squats failed to motivate anyone this time around, as Sir Mix A Lot awkwardly danced and gyrated with the woman to the horror of their husbands seated in the audience.


If you need erase this from your memory, watch Kaye West kick it with a live orchestra.  I promise it won’t make your eyes and ears bleed.

[youtube clipid=”zmlgZ3CsgR4″ autoplay=”0″]

90’s rapper, Sir Mix a Lot and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra performed the cult classic ‘Baby Got Back’ together and it was awful.

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