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Another High School Player Dies Playing Football, Is Change Needed?

Oct 19, 2015 at 6:02 pm |

16 Yr Old Football Player Cam’ron Matthews

Credit: CBS 19

This isn’t good. Once considered a beloved sport by many, football is now increasingly instilling fear in the lives of many parents. On Saturday, 16-year-old Cam’ron Matthews, was pronounced dead after collapsing on the sidelines of his football game the previous night.

According to his teammates, during the first half of the game in Alto High School in Texas, he was reportedly feeling dizzy. Afterwards, he began having a seizure and was airlifted to the hospital. Sadly, he died the next day.

Cam’ron Matthews became the sixth high school football player to die this year while playing the game that he loved. Is it time to step in and provide stronger safety precautions to the game of football?

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