After Being Punched By Wack 100, Stitches Asks Him to Be His Manager

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Source: Twitter @3Crimedrama

After being embroiled in a very intense beef with The Game, it appears that Stitches is moving differently in the new year. The Florida rapper found himself in several inopportune situations, which resulted in his street cred plummeting and later on, being arrested by the police.

On a few¬†occasions, Stitches threatened to fight The Game and even threw jabs at his children on social media. Things escalated when Stitches attempted to take their beef to a different level and try to fight The Game when the rapper was in Miami. He drove up to the club Game was at and was ready to throw hands with him until the Compton rapper’s manager, Wack 100, stepped in and gave him a mean right hook. Now, it appears peace may have found its way to both sides.