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GO DJ, THAT’S MY DJ: Adidas App Uses Spotify to DJ Your Run

Apr 30, 2015 at 1:36 pm |

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Adidas and Spotify have teamed up to bring you Adidas Go.Through the Adidas SmartRun watch and RunKeeper, users will now be able to soundtrack their jog and workouts. The Go app selects music based on movement tracked by your iPhones acceleromter. Basically the app will measure your stride rate and match songs from Spotify’s library, based on your listening habits. So if you listen to nothing but old School Busta, Twista, Mystikal, etc. and are running at a fairly fast pace, Adidas Go will create a playlist from Spotify using BMP’s (beats per minute) to match with songs similar to songs most listened to.

When you’ve finished running, to help you keep track of your running stats everything will be saved for review and you’ll be able to share on your social channels.

Adidas teams up with Spotify to DJ your workout from an app, using both your heart rate and BPM’s from your playlist. Find out how.

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