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8 Hip Hop One Hit Wonders

May 30, 2014 at 8:26 am |

Some rappers spend a long time building a following and putting out substantial material. Others hit it big with the right song at the right time and, though they may remain relevant in their niche, the mainstream public never hears from them again. Here are 8 rappers and groups who hit it big, but failed to see lightning strike twice.

Paperboy, Ditty

[youtube clipid=”ROVkXEBeQWE” autoplay=”0″]

This light, breezy Summer jam brought to mind sunny California afternoons, kicking back in the park with a beer or a forty ounce. The song was a laid back, groovy break from the aggressive gangsta content dominating West Coast rap at the time.

Some rappers release one album of gold after another, these guys delivered one standout hit before disappearing back into obscurity.

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