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50 Cent Sold 1400 Bottles Of Effen Vodka

Apr 28, 2015 at 2:37 pm |

50 Cent’s hustle is unmatchable and the rapper took branding to the next level by helping sell 1400 bottles of Effen Vodka in one setting during a meet and greet with fans in Syracuse. Curtis Jackson and his fellow G-Unit soldiers helped bring out an army of customers to a local liquor store and helped the business sell approximately 277 gallons of alcohol. We’re excited to see how 50’s alcohol sponsorship compares against other hip-hop heads with booze endorsements. Watch the video above via

50 Cent helped sell 1,400 bottles of his newly cosigned Effen Vodka at a local liquor store in Syracuse. Watch an army of fans cop 277 gallons of alcohol at the G-Unit meet and greet here.

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