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2 Chainz Smokes OZ Of World’s Most Expensive Weed

Mar 3, 2015 at 2:49 pm |

2 chainz smokes weed gq

2 Chainz is a true marijuana enthusiast and his latest antics support pot legalization more than a debate with Nancy Grace ever could. Tity Boi continued his most expensive series with GQ by smoking the world’s most expensive loud out of the world’s most expensive 24K gold rolling papers and the world’s biggest 1 oz. bowl with Weeds expert Dr. Dina. Watch the footage below.

[youtube clipid=”p-HxhJLUYhk” autoplay=”0″]

2 Chainz smokes the world’s most expensive weed out of 24K gold rolling papers and a 1 ounce bowl. Must see TV.

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